Destination weekend weddings are in! Couples tying the knot are wanting to treat their guests to a memorable experience... if guests are going to take vacation days, and commit a full weekend to wedding activities, might as well make it a full affair!

Enter glamping. We've been advocate hosting all parts of the event (including accommodation) on site, treating your guests to a plush tented hotel experience, so that the party never has to end! Why not keep your dear ones close for the entire celebration? 

Brit, of Daughters of Simone, and Jeff embodied this concept fully. Their wedding took on the flavor of a private music festival with live music from Brothers NYC in a forested area around Yosemite, California. An entire village was built for the weekend in the middle of beautiful nowhere! (See previous post for list of vendors).

This festival wedding has grabbed the attention of the Huffington Post, and two features on Green Wedding Shoes. Here's Part 1, and Brit quotes in Part 2, Since we both love camping, not just at festivals but in general, we wanted to incorporate this aspect most of all. We thought it would just be the coolest thing to be under the stars with all of our favorite people the night before our wedding.

Gorgeous photos by Feather Love Photography...