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This luxury event tent is one of the most unique offerings from Under Canvas Events. You have never experienced anything like our handcrafted shower tent TipiBath™ (yes, a full tent bathroom rental inside a glam camping teepee!). Traditional unsightly portable event restrooms belong hidden, the TipiBath™ begs to be part of your event aesthetic with its elegant canvas shape and red cedar interior. This bathroom and shower tent is one of our best tents to add a memorable touch. Guests and clients find the TipiBath™ to be a decorative novelty and an elegant merge of function and form. It is a very stylish alternative to traditional portable restrooms with its ceramic, cedar and canvas decorative features.


TipiBath™ pricing $1,250-2,000 each

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Our tipi bathroom rental is a perfect addition to your bedroom Safari or Tipi, or large tipi event tent for gathering, the TipiMarqui™ –all together the best tents for a complete glam camping event venue. With the addition of our tent bathroom rental you can design an entire tent village or boutique tented hotel for your guests! Imagine the convenience of adding an adjacent private bathroom and shower tent next to each overnight accommodation Safari or Tipi event tent. Teepee bathrooms will be naturally lit during the day, add lighting for night.

Each complete bathroom and shower tent has hot running water, a flushing toilet, ceramic sink and mirror. Note that you can choose to have simply a tent bathroom rental or a full bathroom and shower tent depending on your event needs. Each tipi event tent bathroom is supplied with a range of our environmentally friendly luxury spa products to support our commitment to minimizing impact on our event’s outdoor venues and to make your glam camping experience complete.