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The Under Canvas Events canvas Tipi is what you seek for pop-up lodging or luxury tipi camping. Our 14’ Tipi rental sleeps up to four people and are perfect teepee accommodations for sharing and families. Teepee tents can fit one or two standard twin beds or one to four glamping tipi camping cots.

We truly consider this tent perfect for ‘pop-up’ events as its portability and simple setup and take down design allow it to travel to more adventurous event destinations than our other tents. Easily create your own destination wedding by building a complete venue from the great outdoors. What once was a gorgeous meadow becomes an entire glamping tented hotel. Tuck teepees amongst the bluffs of Big Sur or weave a trail of accommodations under the Redwoods. Treat your guests to an experience even while they sleep.



Teepee pricing $1,000-1,500 each

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This smaller teepee tent size (see our 30’ TipiMarqui™ to create tipi camping bunkhouses or larger sleeping spaces), makes no concessions with design. Still crafted of the same sleek white canvas, teepee tents have a single internal wooden pole, with integral groundsheet and a high tech construction to withstand any kind of weather.

Teepee tents have transformed into festival tipi camping, child’s play spaces, bride and groom dressing rooms— anything is possible with a creative touch.

Imagine surprising your corporate group or event guests with a tipi camping weekend. Our luxury teepee tents allow for more stargazing and exploration – you will fully enjoy your time in the outdoors when you have a luxury canvas tipi waiting for you to return to and refresh each night.